About Alpha's Bilingual Childcare

Bilingual / French Daycare in Oshawa, Ontario

Alpha's Bilingual Childcare

Welcome to Alpha’s Bilingual Childcare! We are an inclusive daycare center located at Unit 1-4, 1200 Phillip Murray Avenue, Oshawa, Ontario. At our Infants, Toddler and Preschool programs, we offer a gentle start to a child’s school years. Alpha’s Bilingual Childcare is a proud part of the Oshawa community, and the Durham region at large.Our teachers work to offer a safe and nurturing environment where play and learning never ends.

In our child care center, the teacher and parents work together closely. The aim of our program is to help build each child’s self-esteem and to develop their individual social, intellectual and physical skills. We believe children are competent, capable of complex thinking, curious and rich in potential. Each child should feel that they belong and are a valuable contributor to their surroundings, and each child deserves the opportunity to succeed.

Our learning environment encourages children (and parents) to think of creative, new ways of problem solving and collaborating with others. It is a ready-made support network for both parents and children.