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Daycare Oshawa

Gear up for full steam ahead learning with our curriculum!

Our very own STEAM educational curriculum takes cutting edge learning to new heights! STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. The difference in the STEAM curriculum compared to the STEM curriculum is that Art is added.

Through this engaging and hands-on method we encourage your children to explore, ask questions and discover through their own imagination, experiment and of course, interactive play!

We facilitate exploration, discovery, inquiry and critical thinking in young minds. We help children build strong connections between the outdoor and indoor environment, whilst experiencing all elements of STEAM first hand, and in practical ways. 

A STEAM Preschool Curriculum in Action

Children can be given a chance to make their own sensory bottles out of recycled water bottles, hand soap, food coloring and glitter. 

Daycare Oshawa

Bonjour les amis... and Welcome to French Bilingualism!

Through music and movement, our toddlers are gently introduced to French, and given the opportunity to fall in love with the language. Here at Alpha's Bilingual Childcare, we know how important this step is in setting the stage for lifelong learning. 

Learning French (or a second language) from a young age does not just give your child a competitive advantage for the future, it also helps to shape open-minded, diverse, inclusive and welcoming communities. 

As the children's language skills develop and strengthen, we gradually incorporate more French into their daily routines, until it becomes an integral part of the whole day. Our FRENCH TEACHING MATERIALS are unique as they combine elements that truly represent "la francophonie": Canada, France, USA, Switzerland, Belgium and Cameroon to cite a few. 

We support language diversity beyond French and English, and encourage our families to do the same in order to create a true sense of Belonging among all children.  

Daycare Oshawa

Infant Program (0-18 months)

Our Infant Program accommodates ten, full-time children from birth to 18 months of age.
Although we have a daily written schedule, the schedule is based on the needs of each individual child. Children may sleep and eat as they require throughout the day. Infants learn through play, exploration and interaction with objects and meaningful relationships with trusted adults.

Both parents and staff will collaborate learning goals for their child, creating learning opportunities for each child based on their unique skills, interest and needs. To request care/be added to the waitlist, please complete the application form.

Preschool Oshawa

Toddlers (18 - 30 months)

Our toddler program accommodates fifteen, full-time children.

In the toddler program, which comprises children between 18months and 30 months, children will develop language, literacy, math, science, technology, art and engineering skills by incorporating these concepts into the child’s play, exploration and inquiry.

Teachers will plan activities daily based on the interests of the child. Children will explore the following interest areas based on our Four Pillars of Learning: Language and Literacy, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math), Physical Activity and Mindful Awareness.

Children will go outside twice a day to engage in activities that promote active movement. The teachers will work with parents to encourage potty training when the children are interested and ready for it.

The children in the toddler room are separated into small groups according to their age and stage of development to allow teachers to program activities according to their developmental needs. 

Preschool Program Oshawa

Preschoolers (30 months - 4 years)

In the Preschool program, through child-initiated and teacher supported experiences, children learn many concepts including language (English and French), literacy, science, technology, engineering, art and math skills.

Throughout the day, children make choices and explore the following interest areas based on a unique mix of Language (English and French),and Literacy, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) and Physical Activity. Children engage in activities outdoors that promote active movement and exercise twice a day.

Children participate in French language activities daily to learn basic French vocabulary. The teachers will work with parents to encourage potty training when the children are interested and ready.

Our Preschool program is separated into two classrooms based on age and stage of development to allow teachers to plan and support children in a more meaningful way. Our Jr. Preschool Room is generally comprised of children between 2.5-3.5 years old. Our Sr. Preschool Room is comprised of children between 3.5-4.5 years old. Within each classroom, children are separated into small groups to allow teachers to program activities according to their developmental needs.